All the ideas / inventions of Naveen on the flute have been patented by the Indian Government.

These inventions have been created by Naveen and he is happy to share these ideas and experiments with everyone. However, please give due credit to him if you happen to adopt these ideas into your own recordings, shows and manufacturing.

When Naveen was 14 years old, he used to record his flute in two tape recorders in order to make the sound super impose, and this technique used to make the output very rich. This was a time when technology was restricted to cassette tapes and computers were nowhere near. Such curiosity and dedication to the flute can be clearly heard in his renditions.

  1. At 18, he used to read Prof. Sambamoorthy’s book, and thought about by imitating his idea to make a Chinese flute. In his book, however, the professor did not mentioned of specific paper use for the Chinese design. Naveen tried making his version with a tracing paper, and added many thin parchments. Finally, he used an onion layer to give it a distinct sound!!
  2. When fooling around with the PVC pipe, while blowing in the air, he used to hear a nice tone. From this, Naveen used to wonder on how to make the sound brighter – like heard in a violin. One day, Naveen took a PVC pipe and made it into a ‘C’ flute length. He attached a recorder mouth piece and a miracle happened! The tone changed in to an overtone, and had lots of harmonics on it. By using a little more breath techniques, a new tone was successfully created.
  3. At his studio in Chennai – Prasad Studios – Naveen and his guitarist colleague used to sit one after the other for recordings. Once, while he was practicing in the room, the guitar was lying nearby on a chair. Naveen felt some vibrations from the guitar and as he went closer, he sensed more of these. An idea and another of his flute product was born.Naveen struggled a lot to achieve what he had in mind – he tried putting in a revolving plate inside the flute to give it a natural vibrato. Then used a leather parchment on top to hold the guitar strings, and also get a little banjo sound, then tried to enhance the sound with a gramophone needle set; and finally stuck to a fishman pickup.
  4. 4. Once he got a flute made with a glass blower. The mouth portion was then bent like a smooth curve, and this product with its distinct sound also got added to his list of items on the flute store.